The farmer member-controlled grassroots policy development is a point of pride for our organization. Our policies are developed through a program featuring individual member participation, including study, debate, and development of policy recommendations at the local, state and national level. This bottom-up grassroots process results in positions that have been well vetted, are clear, reasonable, and responsible.

Duties and Responsibilities

Surface potential issues, debate and study them, and draft a slate of local, state and national policy recommendations to present to members at your county annual meeting.

Time Commitment

  • Attend necessary committee meetings and meetings or activities with resource people.
  • Attend training and probable issues meetings.
  • Preparation of resolutions for annual meeting.
  • Attendance and presentation of resolutions at county annual meeting.
NameContact Info
Gary DittmerPosition: Chair
Phone: (616) 845-6536
Email: [email protected]
John ArekletPosition: Member
Phone: (616) 869-5431
Email: [email protected]
James DittmerPosition: Member
Phone: (231) 690-9636
Email: [email protected]
Daniel MauerPosition: Member
Phone: (231) 301-0347
Email: [email protected]
Jesse PetersenPosition: Member
Phone: (231) 869-4091
Email: [email protected]
Gregory ThurowPosition: Member
Email: [email protected]
Ronald WoodPosition: Member
Phone: (231) 757-2270
Email: [email protected]